Creativity for all.
It's opening up our perception of creativity to be truly inclusive–beyond style, geography, or cultural epicenter.

Adobe MAX 2020 will virtually celebrate creativity around the world and in every form. The conference will bring people and ideas together to discover, discuss, and learn. We wanted to create an iconic, anthemic ID that visualizes the creative tools of Adobe and emphatically expresses "Creativity for all." 

We curated a truly inclusive group of people—a broad blend of styles and identities from all across the globe and asked them to create MAX logo in their own style to represents a specific MAX segment.

Made of six unique, disparate executions of the MAX logo, we created an animated MAX ID. Seamlessly transitioning between each artwork, the MAX logo stays consistent and bridges the different styles, backgrounds and palettes.

We wanted each MAX logo to fluidly transition to the next, with elements and motion initiating the change. It’s a connected journey. A story with a thread. It cleverly moves from one logo to the next. Elements of each artwork  tumble, rotate, drip and flip, rearranging themselves into the next iteration. Sometimes we pull out of a MAX logo iteration into another one, always moving through that creative journey. ​​​​​​​
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Expect the unexpected October 20-22.
This year’s creativity conference is virtual, completely free, and jam-packed with 56 hours of non-stop inspiration and learning. With live content demos, luminary speakers, sneaks, celebrity appearances, and musical performances, this is an immersive experience you don’t want to miss out on.

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Kota Yamaji
Wallen Diaz
Omar Aqil
Michelle D'Urbano
Nini Sum

Brand New School, Los Angeles, CA

AJ Joseph, Dan Cowles, Summer Wilson, Michael Jarrott, Nicolle Rodriquez, Stephen Schmidt, Steve Ogden, Deb Fant, Kashka Pregowska-Czerw

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